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Wamina is an innovative Mozambican brand that empowers and inspires girls to reach their full potential. According to UNESCO, 1 in 10 girls in Sub-Saharan Africa don’t attend school during the period contributing to high female dropout rates. Wamina provides sustainable menstrual products and sexual and reproductive health education that help keep girls in school.


Our Products and Activities

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Wamina Menstrual Products

The Wamina Reusable Pads can be used for up to 5 YEARS, disposable pads are used for up to 8 hours. Wamina Reusable Pads are an economic, environmentally friendly, healthy and socially conscious menstrual hygiene managemente solution. 

Wamina Workshops

The Wamina Workshops provide fact-based information on sexual and reproductive health and menstrual hygiene.

Wamina CSR Programs

Wamina collaborates with private companies to create meaningful and impactful, socially and environmentally conscious CSR Programs and Activities


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Maputo, Mozambique



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